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Wonder Workshop Dash Home Learning Bundle
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Wonder Workshop Dash Home Learning Bundle


Wonder Workshop Dash Home Learning Bundle
  • Grades:‚ K+

Discover the award-winning Dash robot combined with Wonder Workshop's best open-and-go activities for at-home learning. Looking for a challenge? Choose a card with activities from beginner to advanced. Build a Gripper for Dash to unlock carrying and retrieving household objects. Class Connect is also included so educators and caregivers can access all of Wonder Workshop's best learning resources online.

This bundle includes:

Designed for Kids Aged 5 to Infinity!

(There's a Dash app for every age group, learning level, and play style.)

  • 5-8:‚ Little learners can play with our apps that weave in music and movement. Dash can go on adventures or perform for friends and family.
  • 8-12:‚ Blockly, a visual programming language created by Google, introduces more advanced play. Drag and drop blocks of code to direct Dash around your home!
  • 12+:‚ Try your hand at building applications for Dash on iOS and Android with Objective C and Java using our open API.

Wonder Workshop Dash

Dash is the most powerful robot companion that kids can use to apply and extend their coding knowledge. Packed with sensors and capabilities, kids can program Dash to move, light up, make sounds, avoid obstacles, and even respond to their voice.‚ 

Dash expressive personality inspires children to incorporate Dash into their daily lives as their partner in crime and sidekick. Dash can greet you as you¢‚¬re coming home for school, help you deliver a message to a friend, follow you around the house, and instigate adventures and explorations. Dash remembers your code and grows more intelligent as you play together.

Dash has motorized wheels to move around the house as well as a head that can turn left and right and up and down. Dash has many different ways children can program it ¢‚¬œ there are 4 buttons, sensors that let it know when it about to run into something in front or in back of it; microphones that can hear sound and even detect where it coming from in a room; infrared sensors that let it see and communicate with other robots, like Dot. You can even record sounds on your tablet and have Dash play them back!

Dash works with all of our free apps for iOS or Android, with apps like Go and Path for pre-readers. For older children, we have our Blockly app, which they can use to program Dash all on their own ¢‚¬œ we include in-app tutorials that let children level up at their pace to give them the confidence and self-reliance to learn coding on their own. They can start out building simple programs, and soon learn how to make complex programs with Dash ¢‚¬œ all from within the app.

Dash is even more fun with our accessories, which can take your child play even further. Use the smartphone mount to have Dash help film a fun movie with your smartphone. Use the Brick Connectors to add LEGO‚® or LEGO‚® Technic bricks to your robot to transform them into whatever your child can imagine!

Dash comes fully assembled and ready to play right out of the box. With the included USB charging cable, you can plug Dash in, charge for 1 hour, and have over 3 hours of play time.

Years of research have shown us that being able to program a physical object, like a robot, engages kids at a much higher rate than if they¢‚¬re just moving pixels around on a screen. With Dash, learning code has never been more fun or satisfying.

How To Get Started with Dash

Gripper Building Kit

The Gripper Building Kit is an easy-to-construct set of functioning arms that expand your robots¢‚¬ capabilities. Build the mechanical arms for hands-on learning of gears, levers, and axles. Master more robotics skills by simulating real-world object detection and manipulation using your robots¢‚¬ sensors and motors through code or manual remote control. The Gripper arms will lift, carry, pull, pick up, and place a variety of lightweight objects for endless play and DIY challenges. Designed exclusively for Wonder Workshop Dash and Cue robots.

    Gripper Building Kit Includes:‚ 
  • 1 - 76-piece construction set
  • 3 - Building Brick Connectors
  • 1 - Plastic ball
  • 1 - Foam number cube
  • 1 - Building Instruction Booklet
  • 1 - Quick Start / Solution Guide
  • 4 - Activities for Dash Robot on double-sided Project Cards
  • 4 - Activities for Cue Robot on double-sided Project Cards

Dash Challenge Cards

Dash Challenge Cards teach the fundamentals of coding through fun robot games. Learn about loops, events, conditionals, sequences and more while you play. This box of Dash Challenge Cards includes 24 Challenge Cards*, Solution Guide, and Sticker Sheet.