VIVE FOCUS PLUS - for Education

HTC SKU: HTC-6189356
VIVE FOCUS PLUS - for Education - HTC - STEMfinity
VIVE FOCUS PLUS - for Education - HTC - STEMfinity

VIVE FOCUS PLUS - for Education

HTC SKU: HTC-6189356
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VIVE FOCUS PLUS - for Education


Discover the Benefits of Virtual Reality in Education

VIVE Business has partnered with VictoryXR to create a custom end-to-end VR solution that will empower teachers to provide a wide range of next-level educational resources to students of all abilities and backgrounds.


All-in-one VR Solution Designed for Learning

The commercial-grade, portable VR solution includes a VIVE all-in-one VR system with 30 pre-loaded, science-based secondary education and higher learning experiences. The solution also includes Mobile Device Management for easy batch configuration and scale deployment. Deploy VR lesson plans that meet data privacy and IT compliance—saving thousands on facility and equipment costs.


Turnkey Solution
  • Pre-installed science content.
  • NGSS, TEKS and CPALMS certified content.
Data Security
  • ISO27001 & ISO27701 Certification.
  • No third-party login.
MDM Included
  • Maintain and deploy with ease. Scale to student, school, or district needs.
2-year Warranty
  • Best-in-class customer and hardware warranty available to minimize end-user product downtime in the classroom.
Add More Content
  • Flexible and customizable.
  • Revise and refine lesson plans for individual students, small classes or large-scale departments by adding more content at any time.
No Recurring Subscription Fees
  • Save administrative costs with no annual recurring subscription fees on preloaded content.
  • No surprise charges or budget concerns year-over-year with one or several hundred in-use systems.
Durable and Hygienic
  • Ergonomic design that accommodates those with glasses, and is easy to clean for high-use environments.


Advance Student Retention and Engagement

Easily administer the 30 unique lesson plans that incorporate immersive VR learning experiences coupled with NGSS, TEKS and CPALMS certified content to ensure students stay engaged, improve retention, and most of all, have fun.


Popular Experiences:

Newtons House of Forces
  • Space Research Interaction
  • Tesla Coil
  • Coulomb’s Law & Newton’s first three laws
  • Protect Athletes using Laws of Physics
  • Play pool using laws of motion


Racing the Waves of Radiation
  • Space Research Interaction
  • Waves and Particles in game of pool
  • Einstein & Newton’s first three laws
  • History of Microscopes
  • Marie Curie comic book


Adventure Learning Inside Humans
  • Underwater Research Interaction
  • Jungle Field Trip—multicellular organisms
  • Explore Chiropractic
  • Battle Viruses
  • Human system and its functions


From Slime to Dinosaurs: Adventures in Time
  • Rain forest field trip
  • History of Whales
  • Asian Carp
  • Blue Crab laws
  • iPod & Evolution of Animals


Adventures in Space
  • Pilot a spaceship & Mars rover
  • Solar Eclipse
  • Travel distant galaxies

Masters of Design
  • Great Wall of China
  • Mountain Research interaction
  • Comic Book of Thomas Edison
  • Science of Snow
  • Solar Powered Cars


Virtual Frog Dissection
  • Hands on - covers each step of dissection of a frog from hologram teacher


Analog vs. Digital
  • Long Base Array telescopes
  • Comic book - Hedy Lamarr
  • Compressional & transverse waves
  • Tech function: phones, T.V., etc.

Mel & Gerdy
  • Cell structure and function
  • Cell organelle instruction
  • Endosymbiosis


  • Stand on Omaha Beach


VIVE Business Warranty & Services

Enterprise-grade support and services designed to protect your investment

Keep classrooms and IT departments running smoothly with VIVE Business Warranty & Services. Available package includes a two-year limited commercial-use warranty, support, and services. Features like next business-day email response and expedited product repair or replacement minimize downtime.

Commercial use only* Subject to Terms & Conditions.


Headset Specs

Screen Dual AMOLED 3.5” diagonal
Resolution 1440 x 1600 pixels per eye (2880 x 1600 pixels combined), 615 PPI
Processor Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835
Memory (RAM/ROM) RAM:4GB / ROM:32GB
SD Card MicroSD Slot x 1 with support up to 2TB
Tracking 6DoF inside-out HMD / 6DoF controller
Refresh Rate 75Hz
FOV 110°
Audio Built-in speakers + 3.5mm headphone jack
Input Microphone x 2 with noise cancellation
Battery Built-in rechargeable battery (up to 3 hours* of active use time).
Charging time ~2 hrs.
Charging QC 3.0
Data connectivity Wi-Fi® 802.11a/n/ac (5 GHz)
Encryption Android File-Based Encryption
Connection USB 3.1 Type-C
Ergonomics Designed to fit 95%+ of all head sizes, ages 14+ of all genders
Adjustable IPD (Interpupillary distance) mechanism range 60.5-74mm
Face Gasket Replaceable synthetic leather
Weight 695g +/- 1%


Controller Specs

Tracking Chirp SonicTrack™ 6DoF ultrasonic + IMU fusion tracking
Button Trackpad, Trigger, Grip button, Menu button, VIVE button
Power and Battery Two AAA batteries (up to 4 hours* of active use)

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