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Virtually Science - Lunch Box Science - STEMfinity

Virtually Science - Lunch Box Science

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Virtually Science - Lunch Box Science


  • Grades: K-5
  • Number of Students: 1-2
  • Hours of Lessons: 2-3 hrs
  • Curriculum Sample (please contact for a copy)


Virtually Science is a STEM box that combines exciting hands-on Science activities with a virtual, online learning demonstration. Join scientist Rebecca Fisher, a.k.a Professor Beakerz, as she shows you the science behind the experiment.


Lunch Box Science will focus on the properties of matter and chemical reactions.‚ 

Virtually Science - Lunch Box Science Experiments:


  • Lesson/Experiment #1 - Leakproof Bag - Standard: Properties of Matter
  • Lesson/Experiments #2 - Icy Hot - Standard: Properties/States of Matter
  • Lesson/Experiment #3 - Dancing Raisins - Standard: Properties of Matter


Recorded Experiments/Demos:‚ 


  • Notebook Spring Launcher (notebook springs)
  • Elephant Toothpaste (H2O2, yeast, food color, dish soap) - Jason Lindsey demonstrates a simple chemical reaction that creates a fun, foamy mess!
  • The Fire Extinguisher (tea candle, flask w/arm, pie pan) - Watch Rebecca Fisher make a fire extinguisher using a simple chemical reaction found in your kitchen.‚ 
  • Zoom video will be recorded for those unable to attend live demonstration.





  • Two Activity Cards - Energy & Matter
  • Curriculum
  • Large Ziplock Bags
  • Sharpened Pencils
  • 2 Clear Plastic Cups
  • Food Color
  • Raisins
  • Effervescent Tablet
  • Notebook Springs

Science Safety | PLEASE follow these safety precautions when doing any science experiment.‚ 

¢‚¬¢ ALWAYS have an adult present.‚ 

¢‚¬¢ ALWAYS wear the correct safety gear while doing any experiment.

¢‚¬¢ NEVER eat or drink anything while doing any experiment.‚ 


¢‚¬¢ REMEMBER experiments may require marbles, small balls, balloons, and other small parts. Those objects could become a CHOKING HAZARD. Adults are to perform those experiments using these objects. Any child can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. Keep uninflated or broken balloons away from children.

About Rebecca Fisher (aka Professor Beakerz) with Beakerz

With an MS in Education and 17 years of instructional experience, Rebecca Fisher founded Beakerz with the hopes of inspiring our youngest generation to explore, discover and become innovators.‚ 

Rebecca believes in bringing the wonders of science to young learners and sparking a love for this important field of study early on. She founded Beakerz to bring hands-on and fun-filled lessons to your students. Beakers is an experiment-based science education company that offers science classes and kits through a variety of science experiments, which makes learning fun and memorable. Children are introduced to the core concepts of science to give them a solid foundation moving forward in the growing STEM-focused educational world. Beakerz classes keep students engaged and learning, with take-home activities and experiments to help ensure learning reinforcement.



CHOKING HAZARD - This toy is a marble. Not for children under 3 years.‚