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UBTECH AI Foundations Curriculum - Grades: 6-8 - STEMfinity
UBTECH AI Foundations Curriculum - Grades: 6-8 - STEMfinity

UBTECH AI Foundations Curriculum - Grades: 6-8


UBTECH AI Foundations Curriculum - Grades: 6-8


PLEASE NOTE: This product is not available through STEMfinity for customers located in New York City or Middlesex County, NJ. If you are located in either New York City or Middlesex County, New Jersey, please contact to find an authorized reseller near you. 


AI Foundations Curriculum for grades 6-8 consists of age-appropriate, grade banded curricula for middle school classrooms without the need for hardware. The AI Foundations curriculum will use free online resources and hands-on learning to teach basic artificial intelligence concepts. These units include an introduction to sensors and perception, computational thinking and algorithms, learning and data, models of representation, and natural language processing in AI. The curriculum also emphasizes the importance of learning the impact artificial intelligence has on society in both negative and positive ways. These units provide both teachers and students with a better understanding of the Five Big Ideas and ensure they will be ready to move seamlessly to the UKIT - AI curriculum.

AI Foundations requires no hardware and provides online and offline activities which makes it a great solution for all types of learning environments including distance and hybrid school schedules.


Is the AI Foundations curriculum right for my classroom?
  • Appropriate for any K-12 classroom, without the need for hardware
  • Introduce the Five Big Ideas of Al in easy to implement foundational concepts using Five Big Ideas as developed by Al4K12
  • Each leveled unit covers the concepts of: Perception, Representation & Reasoning, Learning, Natural Interaction & Societal Impact

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