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  • SKU: RBT-901-0081-200




  • Grade Level: 2nd - 4th Grade
  • Lesson Hours: 6+ Hours
  • Number of Lessons: 6 Lessons
  • Student to Kit Ratio: 1:1 Recommended (Up to 2:1)

The ROBOTIS PLAY 700 is the latest addition to the ROBOTIS PLAY Series.


  • The ROBOTIS PLAY 700 is a reconfigurable and programmable robotics kit that introduces children to STEAM concepts. Building upon the PLAY 600, the PLAY 700 emphasizes creative design using ROBOTIS' patented rivet system and adds two elements: programming and smart device connectivity.
  • The controller included with the kit, the CM-50, is not just a motorized gearbox that brings your child's creation to life; it also includes built-in sensors so that children can learn programming via Scratch or ROBOTIS' R+Task application.
  • In an age where smart devices are prevalent in the lives of our children, the PLAY 700 allows your child not only to play with their robots using smart devices, it also teaches them how these devices can interact with their environment by using the smart phone's sensors to program and control their robots.




  • Motorized: Bring your creation to life using the motorized controller!
  • Reconfigurable: Build up to 4 examples robots (Scorpion, Puppy, Race Car, and Windmill) using 1 kit. Then, get creative and design your own original robot.
  • Smart: Has Bluetooth 4.0 smart device connectivity. Download the FREE R+PLAY700 application (Android or iOS) and start playing!
  • Programmable: Learn how to program using R+Scratch. Then, advance to using R+Task, an icon-based programming tool based in C++.