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  • SKU: RBT-901-0026-310



The Evolution Continues: ROBOTIS GP


  • Top-notch humanoid armed with high performance actuator DYNAMIXEL AX-18A
  • Ultra light and high strength ‚ of aluminum frames
  • Powerful mobility including a direction switch while moving and fast walking
  • Basic humanoid battle and soccer motions are provided
  • Can adjust posture while walking with gyro sensor
  • Includes a gripper set for mission completion
  • Includes optional frames for waist twisting
  • Includes remote controller and wireless ZigBee module
  • GUI based programming software (RoboPlus)
  • Digital packet communication and simple daisy chain connection


ROBOTIS GP (Grand-Prix) is a top notch humanoid optimized for various robot competitions. With high performance actuator AX-18A and ultra lighted high strength aluminum frames, it will complete various missions given at competitions. Enjoy various robot sports with the ROBOTIS GP armed with versatile performances and powerful mobility.‚ 

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