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Robolink CoDrone Pro Camp Bundle


Robolink CoDrone Pro Camp Bundle

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 Robolink CoDrone Pro Camp Pack

Grades: 7+


Number of Students: 20-30 working in small groups

Hours of Lessons/Activities: 30+

The Camp Pack includes 10 of the Robolink CoDrone Pros, with a savings of $90.00.

Host a camp for young programmers:


  • Free tutorial videos online taught by instructors
  • Enable students to learn the basics of programming with real-world Arduino code
  • Get students flying their drone within 10 minutes


What you get:



  • 10 CoDrone Pros
  • Online Tutorials - access to over 30 hours of lessons and activities


As a programming teaching tool, the CoDrone Pro is virtually limitless. Beginners can learn the basics of variables, control statements, and automation. Advanced users can learn feedback control and how to write their own programming libraries. Even professionals can tap into the CoDrone internal functions to develop new and exciting features for the community.

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