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Pilot Pro 6i Flight Simulator - STEMfinity
Pilot Pro 6i Flight Simulator - STEMfinity
Pilot Pro 6i Flight Simulator - STEMfinity

Pilot Pro 6i Flight Simulator


Pilot Pro 6i Flight Simulator


The Pilot Pro 6i  is a full 180 degree view from the cockpit seat simulator. 

The Panoramic 90″ forward view uses  triple 32″ Wide Screens in stunning HD, the left and right views are 32″ HD wide screens and the lower 22 inch HD screen displays the Instrument Cockpit. The fully adjustable fabric Pilot in Command seat ensures hours of comfortable flight.


The Pilot Pro 6i  is capable of flying from every airfield on the planet in one of 50+ aircraft.

Students will plan and fly flights using basic algebra, geometry, trigonometry, physics, geography and topography. Edustations are designed for classrooms where they can be nested together.  Each Edustation has the STEMPilot tutored simulator learning missions teaching all of the fundaments by flying through boxes in the sky. 


Each Pilot Pro 6i  Includes:

  • STEMPilot’s easy to follow curriculum book embraces Project Based Learning. 
  • STEMPilot NGSS multimedia Lesson Plans on flash drive
  • Simulator Learning Missions guiding the pilot through every step
  • Fully adjustable fabric pilot in command seat
  • Welded steel frame powder coater black
  • Forward view displayed on 3 x 32″ HD wide screens
  • Left & Right Views on 32″HS Wide Screens
  • Cockpit displayed on 22″ HS monitor ( Touch screen available) 
  • Custom PC designed and built by STEMPilot to deliver stunning graphics
  • Prepar3D global flight software by Lockheed Martin
  • Flight controls – yoke, throttle quad and rudder pedals
  • Center Stick & Left Throttle Controls for Helicopter or Fighter cockpit available. 
  • Instrument Pod with Hands On NAV & COM Radios, Adjustable Altimeter, Switch Panel, Auto Pilot, Trim Wheel, Flaps & More.
  • 6 speaker 5.1 Surround sound for an immersive experience
  • Easy plug-in and set-up
  • No prior aviation experience is necessary.
  • Students form “Flight Crews” for Collaborative Learning
  • Excite Future Career Opportunities in Engineering, Aviation, Coding, Air Traffic Control, Air Frame and Power Plant Repair and more.


NOTE: This item has a 4-6 week turnaround.

NOTE: Shipments outside of the Continental U.S. may incur additional shipping charges. If necessary, our support team will be in contact prior to shipping.