OnPoynt now offers the LiteBee Wing Aerial Robot Quadcopter Kit.

The LiteBee Wing is a building block programming aircraft kit designed for 8-16-year-olds. The powerful main control board is equipped with an expansion interface that can be externally connected with LED lights, buzzers, and other electronic modules. The LitebeeGo App allows for offline Scratch building block programming practice, just drag and drop the building block instruction module that can be sent to the Wing to execute. The LiteBee Wing’s design support a variety of creative configurations that allow it to fly in different sizes.

Perfect for indoor flight in the classroom.

Can be flown with its hand-held remote control or via the App.

Easy Programming Fun
Use the LiteBeeGo App to program your flying robot. Use Scratch programming language to teach block coding exercise your student’s problem-solving skills.

On-Board Camera
The HD camera allows for real-time viewing via the LiteBee App. Can take still pictures of videos and stream them to a smartphone.

External Expansion Ports
A powerful main control board, equipped with an expansion interface, can be connected with LED lights and other electronic modules.

Position Hold
The Litebee Wing is equipped with an optical flow sensor for precision hovering.
By detecting the movement in the sensor’s image, the LiteBee Wing can maintain its position.

Smart mode aerobatics
One-click switch between bounce mode and 360° spin mode

Double Protection -Doubles Safety
The aircraft has a built-in emergency landing function and is equipped with protective propeller guards.

Product Specifications:

Weight: 130g     
Size: 148mm across    
Propellers: 76mm 2-bladed
Motor: 1020/32000rpm@7.4V     
Battery: 2S/7.4V/600mAh     
Charging time: about 1 hour
Remote control distance: 100m
Maximum flight time: 11 minutes     
Camera: 8 million pixels
Picture format: jpg     
Video format: MP4