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Learning Wrap-Ups After School Dream Kit Junior - STEMfinity

Learning Wrap-Ups After School Dream Kit Junior

Learning Wrap-Ups After School Dream Kit Junior

This kit was designed to take care of the needs of After-School programs grades K - 6 with 25 - 75 students. It is made up of a combination of Wrap-Ups and Palette self-correcting materials. Simply allow students to use the materials that fit their academic needs and watch their interest and knowledge grow. 

The After School Dream Kit Junior includes one each of the following resources:

Learning Palette Math Resource Kit (LP-MR501) - The Math Resource Kit comes with 8 LP Bases and 30 sets of curriculum, (one each of all six titles from grades 1-5). It is the perfect kit for After-School programs and for a School's Math Coach to be able to pull just the right curriculum to challenge a particular student, or group of students and help them build their confidence in Math. The kit also includes 2 sets of replacement disks. 

Learning Palette Reading 5 Packs (LP-RK15, LP-R115, LP-R215, LP-R315) - One each of the 5 grade level curriculum packs from Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, and 3rd Grade. A total of 20 curriculum packs with 12 cards and 12 self-correcting questions on each card, for a total of 240 cards and almost 3,000 questions and answers. These packs give you the complete library of the Reading LP Curriculum with no duplication.

Discipline Quietly (LWU-903) - You'll bring out the best in your students with this collection of discipline methods that show respect for students while still demanding their best performance. Watch the response from students as they develop character and an enthusiasm for learning.

Wrap-Ups Math Resource Kit (LWU-K501) - This kit has been designed to fit the needs of after-school programs or resource centers. It's perfect for working with small groups of elementary students with varying degrees of ability. Included are 6 sets each of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions, for a total of 30 sets. You'll also receive the 4 corresponding Wrap-up Rap CDs as well as our Math Facts teaching manual, a stopwatch, and four of our new 32 page Math Mastery books.