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Learning Palette 2nd Grade Reading Class Kit - STEMfinity

Learning Palette 2nd Grade Reading Class Kit


Learning Palette 2nd Grade Reading Class Kit

The 2nd Grade Reading Class Kit comes with 8 LP Bases, 25 curriculum packs (5 each of 5 titles) with 12 cards each, 720 questions and answers that cover: Capitalization & Punctuation, Reading Comprehension, Word Usage, Vocabulary and Grammar. It is packaged in a sturdy box with a clear vinyl top for easy storage and organization. This kit is great for whole classroom participation. A $376 Value, Save $86!

The Learning Palette Cards‚ are self-correcting and cover the following reading concepts:

2nd Grade Reading LP Capitalization and Punctuation (LP-R201) - These cards help children identify words that should be capitalized, and use and understand punctuation.

2nd Grade Reading LP Comprehension (LP-R202) - These cards give children practice in reading, understanding word meanings, using context clues, and critical thinking.

2nd Grade Reading LP Word Usage (LP-R203) - Word Usage topics covered in this set include abbreviations, singular and plural nouns, pronouns, inflectional endings, past and present tense, and adjective meanings.

2nd Grade Reading LP Vocabulary (LP-R204) - These cards help children become familiar with high-frequency words, understand the meanings of synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms, and recognize parts used to build words.

2nd Grade Reading LP Grammar (LP-R205) - These cards give children practice with recognizing and classifying common and proper nouns, using capitals correctly in sentences, pronouns in sentences, verb understanding, prepositions, and present and past tenses.

See the individual titles and slide shows for detailed descriptions and previews of curriculum.