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Learning Palette 2nd Grade Reading Cards 5 Pack - STEMfinity
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Learning Palette 2nd Grade Reading Cards 5 Pack


Learning Palette 2nd Grade Reading Cards 5 Pack

If you already have the LP Bases that you need, the five pack will get you all of the 2nd Grade Reading curriculum and save you a couple bucks from buying each title individually. Each Learning Palette Card Set‚ Includes 144 challenges: 12 cards with 12 challenges on each card.‚ They are self-correcting and cover the following reading concepts:

2nd Grade Reading LP Capitalization and Punctuation (LP-R201) - These cards help children identify words that should be capitalized, and use and understand punctuation.

2nd Grade Reading LP Comprehension (LP-R202) - These cards give children practice in reading, understanding word meanings, using context clues, and critical thinking.

2nd Grade Reading LP Word Usage (LP-R203) - Word Usage topics covered in this set include abbreviations, singular and plural nouns, pronouns, inflectional endings, past and present tense, and adjective meanings.

2nd Grade Reading LP Vocabulary (LP-R204) - These cards help children become familiar with high-frequency words, understand the meanings of synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms, and recognize parts used to build words.

2nd Grade Reading LP Grammar (LP-R205) - These cards give children practice with recognizing and classifying common and proper nouns, using capitals correctly in sentences, pronouns in sentences, verb understanding, prepositions, and present and past tenses.