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LaQ Sweet Collection: Flower - STEMfinity
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LaQ Sweet Collection: Flower

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LaQ Sweet Collection: Flower


LaQ is an innovative construction toy that can create flat or spherical models from just seven types of block. Kids will enjoy hours of creative fun building cool models.

The LaQ Sweet Collection is filled with kawaii, pretty models to make your own personal jewelry, floral decorations, cute animals and much more! FLOWER is a kit to make floral decorations and accessories such as a Tulip, Sunflower, Dandelion, Dandelion-Puffball, Lily, Card Stand, Accessory Tray & Rings, Small Lily Bracelet, Hair Ornament, Bouquet and a Wreath of Flowers.

The Flower kit comes with 260 pieces and instructions to build eleven 3-D Models.

Dr. Toy Best Vacation Product and TD Monthly Award!
LaQ Sweet Collection's Flower kit was selected as Dr. Toy's Best Vacation product and TD Monthly's Top Toy Award!
TD Monthly is a trade magazine by Toy Directory since 1996 and Toy Directory has been the most popular directory for the toy manufacturers and the wholesalers.