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KUBO Digital Subscription - Upgrade Promo - KUBO - STEMfinity
KUBO Digital Subscription - Upgrade Promo - KUBO - STEMfinity
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KUBO Digital Program - Upgrade Promo

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KUBO Digital Subscription

  • Grades: PreK-5
  • Number of Activities: 100+
  • Number of Students: Minimum of 35 student seats (max of 400)
  • Subscription Length: 1 Year (multiple years are available upon request)


2022 KUBO Upgrade Promo: From now until December 31st 2022, when you purchase a Digital KUBO Subscription you get access to the digital Coding+ and Coding++ add ons for FREE!



With a KUBO Subscription, KUBO aims to move your school towards better, future-proof, and engaging 21st century education.

Each subscription is good for 1 year, and comes with your choice of number of digital student seats (starting at 35), and the digital packs for the following KUBO add-ons: KUBO Coding+, and KUBO Coding++.

NOTE: The KUBO Coding Math Add-on is only available with physical kits, and does not come with the Digital Only Subscription.


Please see subscription options towards the top of the page.


NOTE: Hands-On Only, and Blended Learning subscriptions are also available. 


Digital Subscription:

With KUBO's Digital solution, KUBO welcomes you to their KUBO School Portal where you get to experience their brand new simulation tool KUBO Play, their homework tool, and insights allowing teachers to adapt in-classroom teaching to the students’ competence levels. Here, students will experience a personalized learning journey at their own pace from any place and any time that fits the students’ needs. Get your students up and running with this digital coding solution covering all coding related curriculum requirements for K-5 already today.


  • Great for remote and individual practice
  • Student access to KUBO Play on iOS, Android, Chromebooks, Mac, and Windows
  • Onboarding programme with free meetings
  • E-learning programmes for teachers
  • 100+ interactive activities for KUBO Play


Why Choose KUBO for Your K-5 Classroom?

If you’re new to teaching coding and aren’t sure where to start, are overwhelmed by the choice of coding products available, or if you’re looking for an affordable solution that makes it easy to get started and provides all the support you need, the answer is KUBO.

KUBO makes coding easy and fun for students of all abilities, even the most technology-shy. It enhances creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication skills, preparing students for the future – and can be used in-class and at home.


KUBO Coding Solutions: 

Unique Tagtile® Solution

KUBO is the only puzzle-like concept in the world. Literally making coding as simple as snapping together the pieces of a puzzle.


Introducing KUBO Play



Catering to all abilities and elementary age groups. Students experience a personalized learning journey at their own pace – from any place and at any time.

KUBO Play makes it easy to hand out homework assignments and follow-up with new insights, so you can adapt in-classroom teaching to your students’ competency levels.

Try KUBO Play Here


KUBO Takes Care of You
  • Easy onboarding
  • KUBO Video Tutorials
  • Quick Start Guides
  • Professional Development

  • It's KUBO's promise that you, as a teacher, will succeed in accomplishing fun, relevant and engaging learning by providing the best teaching tools and great ways of developing new professional skills and knowledge through the KUBO Academy consisting of e-learning and webinars.

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    The KUBO Curriculum

    KUBO makes curriculum selection easy. There’s something for every subject, grade, and learning style. Explore how it works.

  • Standard- and project-based lesson plans
  • Cross-Curricular Activities
  • Create your own maps with KUBO Map Maker
  • Join one of the KUBO webinars to get inspired
  • Dive into one of the KUBO white-papers

  • Register and See the Full Curriculum Here