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Innovati innoRacer - STEMfinity

Innovati innoRacer


Innovati innoRacer

  • Ages: 16+

The innoRacer is suitable for robotics education and competitions for High School & College Students. It features: Buttons and LED indicators, Motor Driving Control, Seven Reflective Infrared Sensors, Digital and Analog PID control, Speed Control and Motor Driver (M1), Motor tacometer and over current protection, Proportional Derivative (PD) Control, Route Prediction, Advanced IR Analog Feedback Control, PD Feedback Control, Min-Max Normalization, Signal Resembling, Error Feedback Control, Track Center Estimation, Route memorization, Straight Line Acceleration, Accelermometer (G-Sensor) for curve sensoring, BC2 As Core Controller, USB for downloading and debugging, and Cmdbus interfacing. Students can assemble the hardware according to the instructions in the assembly manual and then write their own software by using the innoBASIC programming language to control the innoRacer.

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