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Hydroponics Lab - STEMfinity
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Hydroponics Lab


Hydroponics Lab

Get a 360-degree view of growing plants from the roots up! Ideal for science fair projects, this set of three growing tubes is a mess-free way to explore hydroponics with water or any media.
  • Supports hands-on science inquiry as students conduct controlled experiments
  • Provides a spectacular view of growing seedlings, thanks to the unique, transparent seed basket that shows how the plant grows both up and down
  • Reveal the hidden magic of plant roots: no soil required!
  • Creates an amazing view as water in the shatterproof plastic tubes magnifies the roots
  • Provides a write & wipe surface for specimen labels
  • Engages children in science learning, whether at school or home!
  • Includes 3 shatterproof plastic test tubes measuring 1.75" in diameter x 7"H, 3 stands, 3 support rod tops, 3 support rod bottoms, 3 seed baskets and Activity Guide
  • Grades K+