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FlashForge PLA Filament


FlashForge PLA Filament


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This product includes the FlashForge PLA Filament - Black 1.75mm.

Please contact for details on alternative colors.


Quality PLA black filament for FDM 3D printers; Perfect for Creator Pro, Creator 3, Guider Series 3D Printers. It is engineered and manufactured by Flashforge, ensuring smooth feeding and extruding.


Black PLA (Polylactic Acid) filament is a hot selling 3d printer material on almost all filament stores. It has easy accessibility, greater heat resistance, simple post-production process, and fits almost all 3d designs. Flashforge PLA filament is odor and bubbles-free, compatible with 99% FDM 3D Printers in the market.

Flashforge PLA 3D Printing Filament Properties:

  • RoHS certified;
  • Nozzle temperature requirement: 190-220°C;
  • Build plate temperature requirement: non-essential;
  • Printing speed: 60-90mm/s;
  • Layer height: 0.1~0.2mm;
  • Density: 1.25±0.05g/cm3;
  • Outstanding diameter accuracy +/- 0.02mm;
  • Smoothen filament extrusion;
  • Ultra-pure grade material & strict quality control standards to guarantee print quality;
  • Minimal filament warping, curling, shrinkage and bubbles during 3d printing process;
  • Compatible with most FDM 3D Printers, perfect for Flashforge Adventurer 3Finder and Dreamer series 3D printers.
  • Permits longer storage time without any compromise on filament quality;