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EZ-Robot Builder Block Add-on - STEMfinity
  • SKU: EZR-0203

EZ-Robot Builder Block Add-on


EZ-Robot Builder Block Add-on

  • Recommended Ages: 12+

Invent something. Students use creativity and imagination to create new robots and solve real-world challenges. Compliments the education ez-robot bundles! For ages 12+

Bundle includes:

  • 20 x Extension Cube
  • 20 x Extension Block
  • 20 x Extension Cable
  • 10 x Clip'n'Play Adapter Plate


Simply clip'n'play.

Customize your robot with ez-bits. All ezrobot Revolution parts include ez-bit connections. Simply slide the tab into the slot to establish a secure bond. The parts may be separated by sliding them apart. Multiple ez-bits can be connected together to make arms, legs, or anything else you dream up!

Education in the classroom, and at home.

In the classroom or at home, ezrobot Revolution has a big impact on STEM education. Learn about robots, and have fun doing it! With hundreds of tutorials, no questions are left unanswered. Personalizing your ezrobot with new behaviors will teach students how robots walk, see, hear and interact with their surroundings to solve problems using a combination of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.