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Deluxe Digital - Analog Trainer with Tools
  • SKU: ELE-XK-700T

Deluxe Digital - Analog Trainer with Tools


Deluxe Digital - Analog Trainer with Tools

Elenco advanced designed Digital/Analog Trainer is specially designed for school projects. It is built on a single PC board for maximum reliability. It includes 5 built-in power supplies, a function generator with continuously variable sine, triangular and square waveforms. All power supplies are regulated and protected against shorts. The trainer is mounted in a professional technician tool case made of reinforced metal with heavy-duty handles and locks. The removable, dual-sided tool pallet has many pockets and elastic retainers to hold a broad line of tools and devices. A special ramp in the case will hold the meter of your choice(not included).




Detailed Specifications
Power Supplies Analog Section
Variable Power Supply Function Generator - Sine, Triangular, Square Wave.
0V to 20VDC @ 0.5A Frequency adjustable in five ranges from 1 to 100kHz.
(0V to 15VDC @ 1A) Fine frequency adjust.
0V to 20VDC @ 0.5A Amplitude adjust.
(0V to 15VDC @ 1A) DC offset
+12VDC @ 1A Digital Section
+12VDC @ 1A Eight data switches.
+5VDC @ 1A Two no bounce logic switches.
+30VAC center-tapped to 15VAC @ 1A Eight LED readouts, buffered.
Potentiometers Clock amplitude 5Vpp square wave.
2 undedicated potentiometers 1kΩ & 100kΩ. Fast Track Construction

Most of the components are on one PC board, eliminating all wires between the PC board, pots, regulators and switches.

2 bredboards, each containing 830 tie points (total 1,660). Makes assembly easier and faster, eliminates errors.

⚠WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm