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CreositySpace Makerspace Launch Pack - Grades 3-5 - STEMfinity
  • SKU: CRS-MSP301

CreositySpace Makerspace Launch Pack - Grades 3-5


CreositySpace Makerspace Launch Pack - Grades 3-5

Need some help to jump start your Makerspace? Try the CreositySpace Makerspace Launch Pack.

While some people find a blank slate energizing and motivating, others can find it a bit intimidating. The same can be said for a new makerspace with its endless possibilities and focus on more free form creativity.

With this in mind CreositySpace developed the Makerspace Launch Pack. The Launch Pack promotes exploration and creativity hallmarks of any makerspace while providing a starting point for those who need a little inspiration. The Makerspace Launch Pack provides a flexible supplemental curriculum you can use to give some structure and connectivity to your makerspace time while preserving the open-endedness and creativity which are so critical and valuable at this age.

The Makerspace Launch Pack includes:


  • Educator Guide (1)
  • My STEM Explorer Notes student notebooks (30)
  • Book of Ideas - Young Inventor Journal (30)


Similar to a real inventor notebook, the Book of Ideas was designed to encourage kids to write down or draw their own ideas and inventions. Each 2 page spread contains a short design prompt to get your students started in the makerspace. Pages also include a title block to keep for their inventions and “words of wisdom" for the next generation from current entrepreneurs and innovators.

The accompanying Educator Guide provides background for teachers on innovation and entrepreneurship. Also included are tips and resources to help teachers support and encourage their students in their new makerspaces.