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CreositySpace Book of Ideas Class Pack - Grades 3-5 - STEMfinity
  • SKU: CRS-BUS303

CreositySpace Book of Ideas Class Pack - Grades 3-5


CreositySpace Book of Ideas Class Pack - Grades 3-5

Integrate STEM concepts into ELA with the Book of Ideas

Getting kids to connect to and see value in their ideas is a key ingredient in teaching STEM, and one of the biggest challenges.

Use the Book of Ideas to:

  • Help students connect to, and see value in, their ideas.
  • Encourage and build students' reading and writing skills.
  • Let students explore their natural creativity and curiosity.
  • Create an environment of wonder and collaboration in your classroom.


Some of the coolest inventions and companies were created and launched by kid inventors and entrepreneurs. Some didn't want to wash the cat food spoon. Some wanted to help people to eat. Others wanted to write in the dark, talk under water and keep their crayons from breaking.

Similar to a real inventor notebook, the Book of Ideas was designed to encourage kids to write down or draw their own ideas and inventions. Pages include a title block, quotes from entrepreneurs and innovators, as well as a short design prompt. There also is a glossary of common terms and a list of inventions and businesses started by kids.


Each Book of Ideas Class Pack contains enough materials for a class of 30 students:

  • Educator Guide (1)
  • My STEM Stories student notebook (30)
  • Book of Ideas - Young Inventor Journal (30)


*Note: Also available for grade K (CRS-BUSK03) and grades 1-2 (CRS-BUS203). Contents are similar, version has been adjusted for grade-level suitability.‚