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CreositySpace Adventures with Magnificent Microbes (Grades 3-5)

CreositySpace Adventures with Magnificent Microbes (Grades 3-5)


CreositySpace Adventures with Magnificent Microbes (Grades 3-5)


  • Grades:‚ 3-5
  • Number of Students: 1-2
  • Hours of Curriculum: 3-4+


Microbes - so tiny, yet so powerful! We know the world is full of organisms and creatures that are so small we cannot see them without the help of special tools and powerful microscopes. So how can we hope to learn about them, appreciate them and think about new and exciting technologies to work with (or against) them?

To help overcome that hurdle CreositySpace has teamed up with the folks at GiantMicrobes to bring you the Adventures with Magnificent Microbes activity kit. The kit includes hands-on activities to let kids interact and learn about microbes in a number of different ways - through science, art, games, and the list goes on. They will learn how microbes can both help or harm us and how entrepreneurs are creating new technologies and businesses based on their interactions with microbes.

The Adventures with Magnificent Microbes Kit Includes:


  • 2 petri dishes and multiple sterile q-tips
  • 1 microbe building and classification kit
  • polarizing films‚