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Butterfly Garden - STEMfinity
  • SKU: ILP1010

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden

The entire class can watch caterpillars as time and nature work their magic in creating beautiful butterflies. Includes a coupon* which is returned to the laboratory for the Butterfly Culture (yields 5 caterpillars), 11-1/4 inch tall habitat for your butterflies, a butterfly feeding kit, instructions on their care, and interesting facts about their lives.

This kit does not contain any live insects!

*Please note that the Butterfly Garden Kit includes a coupon/voucher which can be redeemed for a cup of live caterpillars. Additional shipping and handling costs will apply for the shipping of the live caterpillars when redeeming your voucher. The caterpillars are only available to ship in the Continental United States and Alaska. Live insects cannot be shipped to Hawaii or outside of the United States. Delivery of caterpillars may be delayed during extremely hot or cold weather. You will need to monitor the weather in your area as butterflies cannot survive being released in temperatures below 55 degrees or above 90 degrees. Your caterpillars will develop in approximately 2-4 weeks.