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BGCA DIY STEM Kit - Outside the Contiguous United States - STEMfinity

BGCA DIY STEM Kit - Outside the Contiguous United States

BGCA DIY STEM Kit - Outside the Contiguous United States

Welcome to DIY STEM, an activity-based program that helps Boys & Girls Club members make connections between scientific principles and real-world applications. This program utilizes common, everyday materials that Clubs may have on hand, along with the materials in this kit, to demonstrate STEM concepts in five thematic units Energy & Electricity, Engineering Design, Food Chemistry, Intro to Aeronautics, and Science of Sports. 

Each kit serves up to 75[1]‚ members and includes most materials needed to implement the DIY STEM program. Many of the materials can be reused, reducing the costs over future programming cycles.

[1]  5 STEM kits are included in this box, each kit provides materials for up to 15 members per unit.

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Additional Information

With simple, FUN, hands-on activities, promote interest in STEM among traditionally underserved groups, including girls and young people of color, and Club members who might not otherwise have access to STEM experiences.

Exposure to science, technology, engineering and math is critical during the tween years, when children natural curiosity drives interest and builds capacity for success in these disciplines.

Children spend less than 20 percent of their waking hours in school. After-school STEM programming can almost double the amount of time they can question, tinker, learn and explore STEM topics. Out-of-school time settings also allow youth to practice skills, develop interests and explore STEM educational and career paths in a supportive environment.

Boys & Girls Club members ages 9-12

DIY STEM is a fun-filled, activity-based curriculum connecting scientific theory and practical application. Written for tweens, but appropriate for extended age groups, this five-module program includes:


  • Activities in Energy and Electricity, Engineering Design, Food Chemistry, Aeronautics, and Science of Sports
  • Content aligned to Next Generation Science Standards to expose youth to real-world applications, connect to in-school learning, and help develop critical thinking and communication skills
  • Flexible implementation: Most activities can be run on their own or as part of a larger program
  • Culminating events: Parents, siblings, Club staff and other stakeholders can observe and delight in the efforts of participants
  • Club staff can easily purchase everything they need to implement the program with up to 75 members. DIY STEM material kits can be purchased for $600. (Additional shipping charges may apply outside the United States.)