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Roamer K1/K2 Pack - 2 Kits

  • Grades: PreK-5
  • Number of Students: 20 - 30, working in groups of 2 or 3
  • Number of Robots: 10
  • Number of Curriculum Sets: 2
  • Educator Price: $4,439.98*
  • Shipping and Handling: $500.00*

TOTAL: $4,939.98*

The Roamer K1/K2 Pack is a complete pack of Roamers and resources specially selected for early elementary students. Dallas ISD has developed curriculum specifically using these robots, as well as the Ozobot Bit Classroom Kit - 3 Pack, called CS4ES. Roamer is an educational robot that you can use to help students learn. It can help early learners with basics like reading, spelling and arithmetic or help adolescents appreciate the size of the solar system, learn a foreign language or grasp the concepts of calculus or algebra. It helps struggling students or challenges the gifted and talented. It is particularly good in SEN. Features included are: speech, speed, and durability. The easily interchangeable modular keypads increase functionality of the Roamers as students learn.

This Roamer K1/K2 Pack - 2 Kit Package Contains:

  • 10 x K1/K2 Roamers
    • For grades K-2. These come with the K1/K2 Roamer Keypads already installed. The K1/K2 Roamer recognizes the need to introduce numbers at this age, so this keypad moves beyond just counting. Repeat is also featured so children can start to explore patterns in Math. And a simplified music facility is present. In addition you can change the speed and volume of Roamer.
  • 2 x Early Years Keypad
    • For grades PreK-K. The Early Years Roamer Keypad Modules is for the foundation stage and is the simplest keypad module of the standard Roamers. It uses counting to determine the number of moves to make. It also has three user keys that the teacher can define to tailor it to any activity.
  • 2 x Primary Years Keypad
    • For grades 2-5. The Primary Roamer Keypad transforms your Roamer to the next structured step in developing the Logo language. Procedures are introduced, as well as programmable input and output lines. Speed, volume and strength are all variable which, with the user defined keys, means that this little robot is incredibly flexible.
  • 2 Computer Interface (Requires PC computer or laptop. Not compatible with tablets.)
    • This interface is needed when downloading from the computer to the keypad and vice versa. So it is necessary for RoamerWorld. RoamerWorld is a software program that allows you to program Roamer on the computer. Or you can program on the Roamer and save your work on the computer. RoamerWorld is SMART approved for use on the interactive whiteboard.
  • 10 x Sets Rechargeable Batteries
  • 4 x Rechargers
  • 2 x Number Line
  • 4 x Clear Grid Mats
  • 2 x Multi-Activity Mat
  • 2 x Card Pack
  • 2 x Curriculum Materials

*Prices subject to change and reflect current educational prices at time of quote request/order.

To place an order or for questions, please contact Jeff Marx from Dallas ISD at or at 972-925-6796.