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SnapStack Mobile STEM Lab
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SnapStack Mobile STEM Lab



SnapStack Mobile STEM Lab

The economical SnapStack Lab allows students to explore challenging STEM concepts that they see in their daily life and supports some of Kid Spark most popular and widely used curriculum. Students get a solid foundation in more challenging, non-intuitive scientific concepts like mechanical advantage and compound machines.

Each lesson associated with the SnapStack Lab includes a design and engineering challenge where students must apply what they have learned in a fun and creative way. The SnapStack Lab also supports the ROK Reactor compound machine design competition. With the SnapStack Lab, students practice creative problem solving using the design and engineering cycle, allowing them to learn from their mistakes to create future innovations.

Resources for this lab include access to the Kid Spark curriculum and professional learning library, teacher lessons plans, student curriculum packets & workbooks, and a digital 3D parts library.



  • The Kid Spark curriculum follows the NGSS Three Dimensions of Science Learning: Crosscutting Concepts, Science and Engineering Practices, and Disciplinary Core Ideas
  • One lab serves 4 students
  • Multiple labs can be stacked on a single rolling base
  • Ideal for Simple Machines, Mechanical Advantage, and design challenges



Curriculum Units Supported

Applications in Design & Engineering (Grades 6-8)



  • Simple Machines

STEM concepts are all around us

Why do we roll a heavy load up a ramp instead of climbing stairs? How does a fragile looking construction crane lift heavy loads to build a skyscraper? How can we lift a car with a tiny screw jack to change a tire? The lessons and design projects give students deep insight into how the man-made world works.

Feel the force

Kid Spark Simple Machines curriculum is so popular because it makes non-intuitive principals comprehensible. Thanks to hands-on lessons and design challenges, students literally feel forces at work. This applied learning means students understand it more deeply and remember it longer

The ROK Reactor challenge

This fast-paced challenge puts students' design and engineering skills to the test. Using their knowledge of simple machines, they work in small teams to race against the clock to create custom compound machines. The challenge promotes creative thinking, problem-solving, innovation and invention, and an applied learning experience for all STEM students.

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