School & Campus Disinfection Solutions 

With R-Zero you can promote healthy indoor environments, implement a sustainable method of disinfection, and provide peace of mind to your school community. 

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Tailored solutions to meet your unique building, budget, and safety needs

R-Zero’s disinfection ecosystem helps combat surface-borne and airborne microorganism risk. The R-Zero approach combines superior UV-C disinfection technology with automated data compilation, machine learning, and auditable tracking. Each system is uniquely designed to meet the needs of your space.


Smart, whole-room UV-C disinfection with hospital-grade efficacy to help reset risk


Autonomous, upper room UVGI device made for occupied spaces; inactivates airborne microorganisms every 5 minutes


The safest far UV air & surface disinfection device made for occupied spaces; continuously inactivates microorganisms in seconds

Sustainable, Cost-effective Peace of Mind for all Stakeholders

R-Zero’s ecosystem is an ideal solution for schools to prioritize indoor environmental quality for your students and staff. Through the use of sustainable UV-C disinfection, we help enable safer indoor environments with significant economic benefits, alongside manual cleaning and disinfection processes.

Continuous data-collection, reporting, and communication support help to ensure the community, board, and other stakeholders know the care you are taking.

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