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PicoSolutions Alternative Energy - Wind, Solar, Hydro, & Electricity Lab - STEMfinity
  • SKU: PIC-PS-3019

PicoSolutions Alternative Energy - Wind, Solar, Hydro, & Electricity Lab


PicoSolutions Alternative Energy - Wind, Solar, Hydro, & Electricity Lab

  • Grades: 1+

  • Number of Students: 1-4 per kit


NOTE: This product is limited to supplies on hand. Once supplies on hand have been sold this product will be discontinued. 


The Alternative Energy Education set is the most comprehensive of all the PicoSolutions Energy Educational offerings. It combines their best Turbine, the Sky-Z Limitless Wind Turbine, SKY-Z Hydro, both AC & DC generators, a .9W solar panel & all of the electricity labs. Both AC and DC configurations are included in this kit, widening the possibilities of turbines to construct.

Explore Wind or Hydro Energy with our SKY-Z Turbine Labs, Solar Panels, and electricity labs! Construct this STEM kit from scratch and engineer it to make it power an LED, piezo buzzer or just showcase the power on a standard multimeter! Use the Solar Panel to create a fully functioning hybrid! Pick the Plus model to experience Vertical Wind Turbines as well! 

Each kit contains all the parts needed to build a fully functioning SKY-Z Wind Turbine! 


Kit Contains:

  • 1X Round Base Weight-Metal
  • 1X Round Based-plastic
  • 1X Short Tower
  • 1X Long Tower
  • 1X Nacelle Base
  • 1X Nacelle Front
  • 1X Nose Cone
  • 2X 6 Blade Hubs
  • 1X SKY-Z STEM Blade Adapter 6 Pack (with dowels)
  • 6X 6 inch Blades
  • 1X SKY-Z DC Generator Pack
    • 1X 6V DC Motor
    • 2X alligator clip
    • 1X DC Clip 
    • 1X DC Stand
    • 1X DC Shaft
  • 1X SKY-Z AC Generator Set 
    • 4X 200 Wind Copper Coils 
    • 4X Rare Earth Magnets
    • 1X Coil Housing
    • 1X AC Shaft
    • 1X SKY-Z Rotor Disc
    • 1X SKY-Z Screw Packs
    • 2X pieces of sandpaper
    • 4X double side tape
    • 1X bicolor LED
  • 1X Digital Multimeter
  • Rectification Sub Assembly
    • 400 point solderless breadboard
    • 6 precut wire connectors
    • 2 capacitors
    • 4 diodes
    • 1 piezo buzzer
  • AC Manual
  • DC Manual 
  • Rectification 4 lab manual