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Learning Wrap-Ups Science Intro Kit
  • SKU: LWU-K861

Learning Wrap-Ups Science Intro Kit


Learning Wrap-Ups Science Intro Kit

Provide your elementary or middle school students with a fun way to review introductory Science concepts with the Learning Wrap-Ups Intro Kit. This kit comes with 5 sets of Wrap-ups, 1 each of: Geology, Astronomy, Life Science, Chemistry and Physics. This kit is a great value for home school families, tutors, parents or teachers who deal with students of varying degrees of ability and skill level.

Geology Wrap-ups have 120 problems that deal with: World's Greatest geological features, MOHS Hardness Scale,Ores & Elements, Volcanic Features, Oceanic floor features, Vertebrate Fossils, Fossil Names and similarities, Geological land forms, Weathering features and Invertebrate Fossil names.

Astronomy Wrap-ups have 120 questions and answers dealing with: Ranking objects in distance from the sun, General Astronomy facts, Naming Constellations, Characteristics of the sun, Historical Firsts, Information about planets and their moons, Earth's Moon facts, Phases of the Moon, Stellar Objects defined, and Layers of the Earth.

Life Science Wrap-ups have 120 questions and answers dealing with: Life Cycles & Styles, Plant Vocabulary definitions, Phylum matches, Human Circulatory System, Digestive System, Nervous System, Respiration System, Information about the Eye and Human Cells.

Chemistry Wrap-ups have 120 questions and answers dealing with: Molecules, Matching Common & Chemical Names, Chemical Components, Chemical Names for Common Items, Physical Properties, Elements & Symbols, Chemicals and their Uses. Acids & Bases, and Ions named.

Physics Wrap-ups have 120 Questions and Answers dealing with: Physical Laws, Physical Symbols, Abbreviations, Terms & Symbols, Definitions Named, Units of Measure, Conversion Factors, Mechanics, and Order of Electromagnetic Spectrum (shortest to longest).