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Kano PC Education Edition
Kano PC Education Edition
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Kano PC Education Edition

  • Vendor: Kano
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  • Recommended Grades: 1+
  • Number of Students: 1 per PC
  • Number of Lessons: Over a year's worth of lessons
  • Additional Documents: Curriculum Sample

21st century learning

Fast, affordable, and transparent, the Kano PC is a two-in-one laptop your students will love. They’ll bring to life a personal computer that does everything you and they need.



Manage any classroom

Use Microsoft InTune and Autopilot for simple setup and management. With Teams, organize remote learning, set tests, work on projects together.



Self-led learning

KANOs suite of apps empower students to discover technology, as they take on guided projects and lessons at their own pace.



Learn for years

A third of classrooms have to send out computers for repair, missing valuable learning time. Kano PC stays solid, and gets new projects and powers every month. Replaceable parts are better for Planet Earth, too.



Power up your classroom

KANOs curriculum and resources help you teach important skills, and enable students to become thoughtful, creative human beings.



Standard-aligned Curriculum

Over a year of lessons challenge students to problem-solve, think critically, understand technology, code, and create art, games, and music.



“Kano engages children by giving them ownership over the computer”

-Cory Roush, Muskingum Library


Technical Specifications:

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Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester