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Kano Computer Kit
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Kano Computer Kit

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Kano Computer Kit

  • Recommended Grades: 1+

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The Kano Computer Kit (2017 Edition) is an award-winning computer anyone can make, like LEGO. Build and code your own computer, powered by a Raspberry Pi 3. Look inside and see how it works. Tall and small, young and young at heart, anyone can do it. Simple and fun, no technical wizardry required.

Once built, learn to code as a means to a creative end. Make art, hack Minecraft, code LED lights to dance, with 100's of step-by-step challenges guiding the learning experience. It lets anyone get familiar with real coding languages like Javascript or Python through simple steps and beginner friendly projects.

What's In the Box

  • Computer Brain: A Raspberry Pi 3, the most powerful microcomputer in the world.
  • Step-by-step storybook: Assemble your Computer Kit with easy-to-follow illustrated steps, and learn all about computers.
  • Light Ring: 10 LED lights anyone can customize, with code. Make them flick, change color, swirl at will.
  • Wireless Keyboard: Kano signature orange keyboard. Loved by fans worldwide, with trackpad included.
  • HDMI & Power cables: All the bits and pieces needed to connect your Computer Kit to any TV or screen in the house.
  • 8GB Memory Card: Ships with the latest version of Kano OS, the best learn-to-code operating system in the world.
  • Power plug: To get the energy into your Computer Kit.
  • DIY Transparent Case: Protects the computer brain and lets you see what‚´s inside.
  • Power Button: Turn off your Computer Kit safely.
  • Stickers: Because everybody loves them. Customize your Computer Kit to make it truly your own

Creative Technology

The Kano Computer Kit Complete provides the best learn-to-code software, including

  • Hack Minecraft.‚  Don't just play Minecraft, hack it. Learn the coding language Python as you take on challenges that show you how to instantly build your own worlds.
  • Kano Code. This visual programming editor teaches you code with simple, intuitive graphical blocks and step-by-step challenges and tutorials. Make your own apps, animations, games, photo filters, light shows and much more. Simple challenges teach you how, powerful code blocks unlock endless potential.
  • Make Art. Learn to code by making visual art, with simple Javascript. No pen and paper needed. Learn how to code simple shapes, beautiful mathematical patterns, pixel art and more. Then create your own marvellous masterpieces.
  • Story Mode. Travel a vast virtual world in this Legend of Zelda-inspired application to learn more about hardware, software and code. Meet characters, take on quests and develop your coding superpowers.
  • Terminal Quest. A choose-your-own command-line adventure. Use Linux commands to solve a mystery, save the town.
  • Kano World. A global online learning community. Anyone can share creations, check out other people inventions, and learn from their code to make your own versions. Like an incredible recipe website, but for software!

A Real Computer

  • Kano OS. A fully-working, Raspbian-based operating system, with ongoing support by the Kano team. Works like a regular Linux-based system, and can be easily upgraded with new applications, packages and software.
  • Entertainment apps. Watch YouTube, chat with friends in WhatsApp, travel the world with Google Maps or play a game of Transport Tycoon.
  • Productivity apps. The Computer Kit Complete includes Google Docs, Gmail, Google Drive, LibreOffice, a PDF reader, a web browser, Wikipedia and many other applications, straight out of the box.
  • Educational apps. The world best educational software comes included. Aside from the entire suite of Kano applications it includes Scratch, SonicPi, Codecademy and Numpty Physics, with an even larger catalogue easily available through the system package manager.

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester