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Lab-Aids: Reflection and Refraction Module (no Light Stations) - STEMfinity
  • SKU: LAB-P130

Lab-Aids: Reflection and Refraction Module (no Light Stations)


Lab-Aids: Reflection and Refraction Module (no Light Stations)

At the start of this nine activity module, students explore plane and curved mirrors, discover the rule for reflection of light, and track light beams to understand mirror images. They then use lenses to study refraction and add to their knowledge of how changing the direction of light can create altered images. Students also learn how to measure focal length, make a simple camera, and observe how focused light energy is converted to heat energy. The activities in this module (and in the related P110 and P120 modules) were developed at the University of Kentucky and include materials designed for seamless use with LAB-AIDS‚® Light Stations. If you've purchased the LAB-P110 Investigating Light Module, you can purchase the LAB-P130A extension package to avoid getting duplicate materials. LIGHT STATIONS NOT INCLUDED.

  1. Exploring what you see-and don't see-in plane mirrors
  2. Discovering the rule for reflection of light in plane mirrors
  3. Tracking light beams to understand images in mirrors
  4. Using curved mirrors to cause light to diverge or converge to an image point
  5. Observing light beams refract (change direction) as they move from one medium to another
  6. Making and measuring images
  7. Measuring the focal length of lenses
  8. Making a model camera-an application of lenses and images
  9. Using lenses to focus light energy and watching it convert to heat energy