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databot™ Training Bundle

databot SKU: DBT-207

databot™ Training Bundle

databot SKU: DBT-207
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databot™ Training Bundle

  • Number of Teachers/Staff: 1
  • Number of Modules: 3
  • Contact Hours: 3+


3 Hour Training Bundle - Modules I, II, & III

Learn the basics of how, why and where to use databot™2.0, your new best friend!

This is a bundle of 3, one-hour, asynchronous video training modules designed to prepare new educators and program managers for working with databot™ – your new best friend!

Teachers will be provided with access to databot's™ online training system and Learning Management System with unlimited access to these courses. Monthly live training sessions are provided for all account holders for ongoing support and Q&A. 

Welcome to the databot™ family!


Training Topics:

Module I - Onboarding

Learn the basics of how, why and where to use databot™2.0, your new best friend in this is a one-hour, asynchronous, LMS delivered training module focused on getting you up and running fast!

  • What’s included in your databot™ 2.0 kit!
  • databot™2.0 anatomy and sensors
  • Design criteria – an overview of the many benefits of databot™2.0
  • Use cases – the many ways to use your databot™2.0
  • Specific application examples from the field
  • Introduction to robotics integration options, I/O, location of technical documentation
  • How to use databot™2.0 – install and test Vizeey™ and connect to databot™2.0
  • How to use databot™2.0 – going beyond the smart app and customizing, coding, hacking or using databot™2.0 with other systems such as Excel, Python, etc.
  • Offline use
  • Introduction to live data streaming with Microsoft Excel
  • Sample activities and Introduction to curriculum resources
  • Links to additional resources


Module II - Classroom Mangement

Learn how to physically engage students with live sensor data in this is a one-hour, asynchronous, LMS delivered training module focused on practical applications in the classroom.

  • Organization, storage, charging
  • Hardware – IOS/Android/Chromebook
  • Practical tips for groups and roles
  • Gamifying data Explorations
  • Curriculum module design explained
  • Hands-on practice with two databot™2.0 units
  • Exporting data for use in other programs


Hands-On Practice

  • Ninja Physics: Interact with the forces of gravity and acceleration as you deftly navigate a Ninja challenge course while visualizing data using the databot™ 2.0 accelerometer!
  • Something in the Air: Air quality explorations using databot™ 2.0 CO2 and VOC sensors.


Module III - Curriculum Integration

Enhance your current curriculum with live data explorations in this one-hour, asynchronous, LMS delivered training module serves as a guide for identifying curriculum connections between the functionality offered by databot™2.0 and your curriculum. Based on the wide variety of applications possible with databot™2.0  connections to Life Science, Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics, and Environmental topics are all possible for science educators. For STEM and CTE educators there are suggestions for various program enhancements and integrations that are possible with the technology. databot™ 2.0 connections to the following topics are explored:

  • NGSS Science and Engineering Practices
  • NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas
  • Environmental science explorations
  • ISTE Standards
  • OpenStax Physics
  • Engineering Design Challenges & Robotics
  • Computer Science integrations and opportunities


Special Notes and Considerations:

NOTE: The above modules are available separately. Please contact for pricing on individual databot training modules.

NOTE: The module to teacher/staff ratio is 1:1, meaning each member of your school or staff interested in databot training will need their own separate access. Access is NOT shared.

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