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Innovati 6-DOF Bipedinno Kit - STEMfinity

Innovati 6-DOF Bipedinno Kit


Innovati 6-DOF Bipedinno Kit

  • Ages: 14+

Build your own 6-DOF biped robot with this kit which includes 6 axle metal-geared RC servo motors, aluminum brackets and all the necessary electronic components. The User Manual gives step by step instructions on how to make your robot dream come true. Students can build a biped robot that runs, goes over uneven terrain, and climbs or goes down stairs. After completing these activities, you can buy additional features to upgrade the robot easily and create your own unique biped robot. Batteries not included.

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Servo Motor Tech Specs

  • Operating Voltage: 14V (Max.), 12V (Nominal), 10V (Min.)
  • Holding Torque: 36 kfg-cm
  • No-load Speed: 0.105sec/60° (Max.), 0.122sec/60° (Nominal), 0.146sec/60* (Min.)
  • Reduction Ratio: 1/244.02
  • Operating Angle: 180°; 300°
  • Pulse: 1.5‚±0.8mx/180°; 1.5‚±0.9ms/300°
  • Material: Metal Gear and Plastic Body
  • Motor: PMDC Motor
  • Weight: 137g