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Robolink CoDrone Lite Camp Pack - STEMfinity

Robolink CoDrone Lite Camp Pack



Robolink CoDrone Lite Camp Pack
Grades: 5+


Number of Students: 24-36 working in small groups

Hours of Lessons/Activities:‚ 20+

The Camp Pack includes 12 of the Robolink CoDrone Lites, with a savings of $58.00.

Host a camp for young programmers:


  • Free tutorial videos online taught by instructors
  • Enable students to learn the basics of programming with a fun, friendly drag & drop programming app
  • Get students flying their drone within minutes


What you get:



  • 12 CoDrone Lites
  • Online Tutorials - access to over 30 hours of lessons and activities


Meet CoDrone Lite. It's the same drone as CoDrone, just lighter. As in, without the buildable remote and Smart Inventor main board. It also features the new hardware with an additional distance sensor for better fixed height. Instead of programming in the Arduino IDE, you're block coding with Snap! for Robolink. Now it's accessible for younger audiences who want a simple intro to the concepts behind programming.

CoDrone Lite is for younger audiences who want to learn foundational concepts behind coding, but may not be ready yet for full-on text-based coding. The CoDrone kit comes with a CoDrone unit, a battery and charger, extra propellers, and a BLE board. Learn how to program your own custom flight patterns, the logic behind programming remotes, how to navigate through obstacles, and more.

Programming made easy with Snap! for CoDrone:

Snap! for CoDrone is a fun, friendly drag & drop programming app for young kids.‚  Program the CoDrone Lite to fly within minutes by snapping program blocks together. This kit provides easy-to-follow tutorial videos that kids can use to get their CoDrone flying easily. This kit covers basic to advanced topics. Program your CoDrone to follow an autonomous path, go bowling, engage in laser battles, anything!