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Magnetic Putty, Pack of 12 - STEMfinity
  • SKU: ASC-3196-00-12

Magnetic Putty, Pack of 12


Magnetic Putty, Pack of 12

Made with micron-sized iron-based particles distributed throughout, the astonishing moldable magnetic putty takes on the proper- ties of a magnet itself when placed in close contact with the includ- ed magnet. It's perfect for science-loving kids, or for any adult that loves intelligent play! Use the magnet to do the "snake charmer" trick. Or leave the magnet on your ball of putty and watch it com- pletely engulf the magnet in minutes! What can you do with it? The possibilities are endless! Putty (91g / 3.21oz) comes with a neodymium cube magnet in storage tin and a Teacher's Guide.

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